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     Board Certified in Family Medicine and the Academy of Cosmetic and Cellular Medical      Association, Alison Levitt, MD has been a leader in the physician-supervised wellness      and beauty industry for over a decade as health educator, key note speaker and      consultant for Aveda Corporation, Estee Lauder, Bobby Brown, Intelligent Nutrients,
     Mi Amo and Miraval Spa.

     Dr. Levitt is widely known as an innovative medical healer and a respected talented      facial rejuvination artist.

In her dynamic medical practice Dr Levitt combines holistic and anti-aging medicine with advanced cosmetic medical skills to give her patients the most beautiful, natural, youthful appearance in addition to optimal health and total wellness inside and out.

Dr Levitt blends the unique modalities of nutrition and herbal therapies with the most up-to-date nonsurgical techniques for regenerative medicine including;
  • All natural platelet rich plasma technology (PRP) for facial rejuvination, sexual enhancement and chronic
    pain relief.
  • Facial aesthetics including Botox, Dysport and all dermal fillers to naturally enhance and create a more
    youthful appearance.
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement for optimal wellness, energy, weight management and overall vitality.
A caring personal physician, medical advocate, healer, health coach, and spiritual guide, Dr. Levitt is a visionary, artist and inspiration to all of her patients - men and women- who want to be healthy, feel fabulous and to live life to the fullest.
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