Alison Levitt M.D.


Wise Medicine

Dr. Alison Levitt is one of those rare hybrids of wellness professionals who walk their talk. The truth of her spirit comes across clearly in her ability to generously share her wisdom with everyone she comes into contact with.  She genuinely wants everyone to feel as wonderful as possible.

Professionally, Dr. Levitt is a choice speaker for Aveda events and a recognized writer for Aveda's technical education from a nutritional aspect.  We trust in her medical and holistic wisdom in nutrition and health to support our mission of wellness.

Personally, Dr. Levitt has changed my life.  Her nutritional knowledge has helped me to not only lose unhealthy weight but her skilled insights into the underlying reasons for what causes weight gain and disharmony of self has allowed me to become whole again. 

I am thankful to have experienced the gifts of Dr. Alison Levitt.

Alison Howland
Director Spa Development
Aveda Corporation

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